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Academy DaVinci Turtle Ship 18135

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This is an Academy 18135 Solar Powered Turtle Ship. The Turtle Ship is the world's first assault ironclad battleship, which was invented and built by Admiral Yi Soon-Shin in 1592. This turtle-shaped warship played a major part in the Sa-Cheon Naval Battle during Im Jin War (1592-1598), and successfully led the country to victory. It featured iron plating, guns on all sides, and spikes to prevent enemies from boarding.

Its key features are: 1-piece hull Preassembled gear box Preassembled solar (photovoltaic) panel with attached drive motor Double-sided tape (to mount internal elements) 10 rear-driven pivoting oars Ornamental turtle head Turtle shell hull roof and display stand with nameplates Solar panel mounts on superstructure roof and can pivot for optimum orientation to energizing light source Molded in brown with transparent amber roof. Can be assembled without paint or glue.