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Thumler's Rock Tumbler Double Barrel Kit A-R2 #115

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Thumler's Two-Barrel Rock Tumbler

Here's what you get in this A-R2 rock tumbler...

    - A high-quality, hobbyist grade rock tumbler.
    - Durable steel base with quality powder-coat paint.
    - High quality, thermally protected motor.
    - Two durable rubber tumbler barrels for
      quiet operation.
    - Process about 2 pounds of rock in each barrel.
    - A booklet: "A Guide for Rock Polishers".

To run this tumbler, you will need four pounds of rough rock  and two four-step grit kits (one for each barrel). 

This tumbler is perfect for the beginner! A small, two-barrel tumbler is a great choice for your first tumbler or a tumbler that you are giving as a gift. Two barrels give you a lot of advantages:

1) you can tumble more material,
2) you can tumble two different materials,
3) you can tumble rough at two different stages, or,
4) if two people share the tumbler, each person has their own barrel.

You can buy this rock tumbler with confidence:

This is a tumbler that we highly recommend for beginners. You can find less expensive machines on the market, but many of them are made from plastic and have a motor that will not last through more than a few loads of rock.

This machine has durable rollers and bearings that are made to last over years of frequent use. The motor is properly sized and thermally protected. If it overheats it will protect itself by shutting off automatically. The soft rubber barrel is thick enough to last a long time.